Ross Reed

Personal Trainer


Ross is a dedicated Personal Trainer that’s been fortunate enough to have made his passion his profession. When Ross first began to train aged 10 he had a lot of questions and since then his journey has taken him into over a decade of personal training where he has found many of the answers in regards to optimal Performance & Health. Now he simply loves to share his wealth of knowledge and experience to improve and help others with their own journey.

Ross’s skill-sets span from one end of the spectrum to the other, from strength and conditioning, sports and performance training towards chronic conditions such as cancer and to injuries like lower back pain. His approach is one that looks at a client as a whole in regards to their lifestyle and assesses their priorities of change. These priorities or foundation stones of change cover their Training, Nutrition, Sleep & Recovery, Toxin & Stress Management. Ross uses proven scientific methods to intervene and create an appropriate lifestyle change unique to every client. Ross is not into 12 week transformations or yoyo fad crazy training or diet methods. He works for the best results that don’t compromise the health or well-being of his client and are sustainable for them for life. Your journey with Ross won’t just be one of achieving your performance and aesthetic goals but also a journey towards your better health, balance and well-being needs, so you won’t just look and perform better but under the skin you will actually be better and have the foundations and education about the reality of Health & Fitness so you can maintain and take responsibility for yourself and pass what you have learned onto the next generation.
I am constantly attending new course’s & seminars to stay up to date with the new science & research in regards to the human body & mind, my aim is simple be the best I can be to make you the best you can be, the  commitment a client show’s will reflect the result’s that they achieve.

To book an appointment with Ross please contact him directly on 07769 317548.