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Kevin is not about quick fixes or gimmicky diet plans; what he is about is teaching you lasting change that will serve you for the rest of your life. The results will last longer and  don’t come at a cost to your health.

Kevin is a co-founder of Infinity Training and Wellbeing, a personal training studio in the heart of London city, Moorgate. He decided to make the move from commercial gyms to his own studio so that he could train his clients in an environment of quality trainers who genuinely care about what they do and take pride in it while knowing there’s always more to learn. Kevin, his clients and his colleagues saw a lack of this in commercial gyms and trainers in the industry, so they decided to find a way to leave that behind and foster a training studio that embraces a holistic lifestyle approach and uses proven, results driven training, while sharing and accumulating more knowledge from each other and other trainers from around the world.


Kevin has seven years experience as a coach and trainer.

UKSCA Olympic Lifting

Learning about the optimum method from coaches who have trained Olympians. Olympic lifting is a form of weight training that builds speed and strength.

UKSCA Speed, Plyometrics & Agility

Focusing on methods to increase explosive and ballistic power; from this speed and agility are enhanced.

UKSCA Programme Periodisation

Utilising short and long term training to meet goals efficiently, using an effective programme.

Douglas Heel Level 1 & 2 Muscle Activation

Learning how to use pressure points to stimulate and reactivate dormant muscle areas that cause imbalances, tension, pain and impaired movement or performance.

Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 1 & 2

Techniques for calliper testing body fat storage sites to identify hormonal and toxin imbalances. These imbalances can lead to stubborn body fat storage, poor sleep, low energy and impaired cognitive function.

Ido Portal Movement X

Seminar reinducting basic human movement patterns to focus on stripping back to the natural movement that has been lost in today’s times. Utilising this to develop optimum movement for performance.

REPS Level 2 & 3

This qualifies Kevin to be an insured personal trainer.

EBA Basketball Coach qualification

Member of Registered Exercise Professionals

Insurance – REPS

First Aid certified

To book an appointment with Kevin, please contact him directly on 07718 644058.

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