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Julian has been successfully treating people with aches, pains, stresses and strains for over 20 years. A key proponent to the success of his practice is his use of a combination of many different treatments that he has learned and developed throughout the course of his career.

Chiropractic in combination with clinical sports massage is often used to encourage better function movement patterns. There are many good reasons why one should receive treatment and look after one’s body. Treatment should be inspirational, relaxing, de-stressing, strengthening and educational. Invest in your body and feel the difference with an approach that works.

Over the past two decades, Julian has developed a successful approach for treating people suffering with pain. Everyone is unique and therefore each person deserves a specific treatment that is right for them. Julian utilises a variety of techniques, all of which can help with specific objectives, be these pain-free sleeping, mobility or elite sports enhancement.

1. Blended Treatment

Julian’s work routinely comprises of some of the following elements to address pain, discomfort and/or rehabilitation:

  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Sports therapy
  • Medical acupuncture
  • Fitness instruction
  • Pilates (Level 1)
  • Rehabilitation plans

2. Tailored Plan

After an initial consultation, Julian will design an appropriate treatment plan, specifically targeted for each individual’s circumstances (pain levels, mobility, injury extent, age, time commitments, additional exercise, nutrition, objectives etc), all of which have a bearing upon the proposed treatment plan.

3. Continued Wellbeing

Vitality and wellbeing are paramount for a happy lifestyle and our health is fundamental to the way we live our lives. Julian’s treatment can highlight early signs of dysfunction allowing for immediate remedial work before the dysfunction manifests itself into further problems. Your physical wellbeing is important to you and those with whom you interact, be this family, friends or colleagues. With Julian’s help you can ensure you’re operating at an optimal performance level and feeling good.

Julian has worked professionally as a chiropractor and clinical sports massage therapist since 1991. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science, Complementary Therapies, and successfully graduated as a Chiropractor in 2002. He trained in a variety of body-related therapies, including a Master’s Diploma for the following treatments: clinical sports massage, deep tissue release massage, traditional Thai massage, Swedish and holistic massage. Julian is also qualified to administer acupuncture should his pain management treatment call for this. Julian provides an effective Chiropractic treatment, one that is unique in its adoption of a range of practices, and has evolved from over 20 years of successful treatment and continual learning.

Julian treats both private clients and those with private medical healthcare insurance (such as Bupa, PPP etc).

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help You?

The following conditions can greatly benefit from chiropractic care:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints
  • Migraine
  • Muscular aches
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritic pain

During his initial training period, Julian lived in India where he practiced and appreciated the benefits of yoga and meditation. Self-care and management of stress have become an integral part of Julian Ormerod’s way of treating.

Julian is registered with the British Chiropractic Council, the industry’s main governing and regulatory body, and he is also affiliated to the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the British Chiropractic Sports Council. All his work is fully insured.