Ella Oliver

Ella is a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator coming to the breath after attending a workshop at her former yoga studio.  She was blown away be the power and profoundly liberating nature of the practice and its ability to shift ‘stuff’ (quickly and directly) that she had been carrying around for far too long that other therapies both talking, energy and body had not been able to move. She went on to take the first training she could get to.

Coming from a background in law and having had several of her own businesses, Ella is particularly aware of the clarity of thought, relaxation, stress management and energising effects of breathwork as well as its ability to deeply heal.   Ella is deeply passionate about sharing the breath with children and adults alike and is working to make breath work part of everyday life wanting it to be accessible to everyone.

Ella is also a Reiki Master and teaches both Reiki and meditation at her home in Hertfordshire.


Transformational Breathing is a self-healing breathwork that helps people access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being. The connected pattern of conscious breathing is a natural, safe and easy–to-learn technique, which can help with the following:


Learn how a full diaphragmatic breath has a positive affect on all of the systems of the body. A full breath can help free tension from the entire respiratory system and this can lead to improving circulation, kick start the digestive system, improve posture, eliminate pain and stabilise the metabolism. A healthy breathing pattern will help boost your immune system and can improve overall physical wellbeing.


Learn how and where the body holds on to stress. With an increased awareness of the breath, it becomes easier to identify stress within the body. Learning how to breathe fully and deeply can help the body relax and the mind to stay calm. Transformational Breathing has been successful in helping clients reduce anxiety and panic attacks.


Tune into the unique breathing pattern and start to discover where the body habitually stores tension. Bringing the mind to the attention of the breath and expanding this awareness can induce feelings of calm and help you live more in the present moment rather than worrying about the future or agonising over the past. Learn how to fully engage in moments simply by learning to breathe in a conscious manner.


Experience a connection with your unique breathing pattern and learn how this can improve the relationship with yourself and others. This technique can help you relax and help you can experience a deep sense of meditation.


Working with all aspects of your breathing can help you access your true potential. Freeing yourself of a restrictive breathing pattern, which can be linked to emotional issues, will help you live with more confidence, clarity and openness.

Aimee Hartley qualified as a Transformational Breath Facilitator with Dr Judith Kravitz, founder of Transformational Breath, in Europe and the US. She currently offers workshops and one to one sessions, retreats and corporate wellness packages in and around London and offers retreats in the UK.