Cognitive Hypnotherapy / EMDR Eye movement desensitisation and reprogramming

Bert Stemarthe is trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and EMDR.

One of the principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that we do not treat problems, we treat people. It is one of the principles Bert holds in the highest regard. It is in understanding as much about someone as possible that enables him to best help them.

Everybody is different, so whether you have labelled your condition “anxiety” or “addiction” like a friend or colleague may have done, the reason you have the issue will be unique to you. It is this uniqueness that drives Bert’s passion and love for therapy and for working with individuals.

Whether your issue is an occasional inconvenience in your life or whether it is overwhelming you on a daily basis, understanding not just the problem but how you do it, when you do it, when you do not, what it means to you, how you behave in other aspects of your life, your personality type and so much more helps to build a fuller picture of you, enabling Bert to guide you to your goals with greater ease and care.